St Jude

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Saint Anthony Window Jude was reputed to have been a relative of the Blessed Virgin Mary and as such, related to the Lord Christ. That is why his attribute became the circle of light on his chest with the name of Jesus in it which he holds with his left hand. The Saint Apostle is represented wearing a deep violet cloak and a white robe. He holds a plain staff in his right hand symbolizing that he went to Syria, Asia Minor and Persia after the death of Christ, preaching the Gospel. He was martyred in Persia. The flame appearing on his head refers to the last letter in the Gospel, which he authored. Jude had to be distinguished from Jude who betrayed Christ. He became the patron of difficult cases because of that, and these difficulties are symbolized on the window by the thorny bushes at his feet. A Basilica is seen in the background amidst orange colored, lit clouds.