St Christopher

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Saint Christopher Window Christopher is a third century martyr, who's name means "The Christ-Bearer". His real person is sort of buried under legends. He was reputed to have been a man of huge stature and great strength, who wished to find the most powerful sovereign in the world to serve. Disappointed in every one, including the Devil, upon the order of a holy hermit, he gave himself to the task of carrying travelers across the river, aided by a staff made from a palm tree. One night a small child asked him to carry him across the river. As Christopher started to carry him, the river became more and more turbulent and the Child heavier and heavier. Arriving to shore finally, the Child told him, he not only carried the whole world on his shoulder, but indeed the One who created it. The strong figure of Christopher, dressed in a short, white tunic and vine colored cloak, has a staff in his right hand. With the left he holds on to a child sitting on his shoulder. The Child holds a globe, symbol of the universe in his hand and with the other hand he points upward. The Saint seems to struggle to carry the child across a very turbulent lake or river surrounded by mountains. He looks at the Child realizing, he carries God on his shoulder.