St Florian

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Saint Florian Window Florian of Noricum in the third century, was a soldier in the Roman Army. He suffered martyrdom because he was converted to the Christian faith. He is credited with having performed great miracles, including extinguishing the flames of a burning city by throwing a single jug of water on the conflagration. St Florian appears on the window in the uniform of a Roman soldier, helmet, breast plate, red cloak, Roman boots. There are buildings on fire at his feet. Out of a green jog he is pouring water on the fire and extinguishing it. The rainbow, symbol of reconciliation of nature and of peace, is above Florian. He became the Patron Saint of Firefighters. On the right side of the composition we see a modern fire and contemporary firemen are climbing a ladder to extinguish the fire. This window was donated by a fire captain Bert Gallagher and his wife Josephine.